Faith-Focused Stock Photography Faith-Focused Stock Photography

Launched in late November 2012, Lightstock is a faith-focused, safe-searching, carefully-curated stock photography website geared for the Christian community. Its images are perfect for any number of church or ministry uses, whether it’s bulletins, church websites, sermon slides, worship backgrounds, or video illustrations.

Founders, Jon & Josh Bailey explain what compelled them to create Lightstock.  “We had this big dream in our hearts that Lightstock could fundamentally change the way Christian designers, chief-creatives and church staff members go about their creative endeavors for Christ’s kingdom. For nearly a year we’ve been on an unrelenting journey to forge a strong link – connecting an army of faith-based photographers to the Christian community at large – an audience, hungry for meaningful visual resources.”

Lightstock changes the game in the Christian media space by filling a gaping hole with faith-focused content that can’t be found anywhere else. Professional photos portraying Biblical themes are no longer a distant wish, but a concrete reality as Lightstock and its customers help to tell an old, old story in new and visually compelling ways.


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